Las Vegas Web Sites


First things first - this link is where you can find a list of all the Las Vegas buffets, times and prices.

My favourites with reasonable prices - Rio or Mirage for lunch, Excalibur for supper.

Show Guide

This link provides a list of all the shows, descriptions, times, prices and reviews. Great for planning your show itinerary since you plan around the nights the shows are "Dark".

Check out the "2 for 1" show tickets, as well as afternoon shows that are free if you purchase a drink (+ taxes + booking fee = $8.00 - $9.25 US).

Try to locate a seating plan for your theatre - many are showroom type theatres and if your seat is at the end of a table of 12, it may be hard to see. A booth, or the first two seats on a table are the best seats. Sample Showroom Plan Some showrooms have theatre style seating.

If you plan your shows ahead of time and book them immediately upon arrival, you can obtain the seats at the front of a table or in a booth and close to the stage.

Check out the hotel lounges on the strip for the live bands, kareoke, duelling pianos, etc.

Excellent variety acts in some of the hotels - Tropicana had a 15 minute show of three excellent acts six times a day - and we saw some great mini-shows in Aladdin.



Check out, (.com) and (com) for best prices during your stay.

Consider calling hotels directy and see if you can negotiate a comparable price. Booking directly with the hotel usually only requires a one night deposit, which can sometimes be cancelled up to 24/48 hours. Some of the on-line hotel companies ask you to pay for the full stay immediately, and may not let you cancel. Don't forget to add the taxes.

Also, check the currency. Some are in US $ and some in Can $.

Always ask if there are any "complimentary" upgrades available - I have stayed in some suites where the "rack" rate for one night cost more than my vacation. They can only say "no" and allocate you your assigned room.

Fun Books

Most hotels have a free fun book - some only available to registered guests. You will find 2 for 1 drinks or meals, gambling promotions, free pack of cards, discount T shirts, etc. but you have to decide if it is worth the wait. You have to go to the Promotion Desk to obtain it and they try to sell you Gambling promotions - $40 of tokens for $20, etc.

These promotion desks are often quieter in the evenings.

Books Frommers - Las Vegas 2004 - $24.99 Cdn, $16.99 US is an excellent guide and well worth purchasing. Also try your local library.